Top 10 Machu Picchu Secrets

Interesting cos for those of you familiar with how I come across my learning experiences on matters spiritual (right click your mouse to read more here) you will know that I haven’t actually ever formally studied any of these matters.

RZW: It’s very humbling and exciting at the same time. Whenever new creative ideas come to me that invoke critical thinking, it’s like becoming pregnant that you have to take care of this baby, this embryo, and bring it forth, bring it to life. It has to be well researched, meditated on. I have to concentrate on how I want to present these concepts to the world in a way that truly honors who these women were.

There are certainly more than humans on the astral plane. I have encountered ancestral ancestors, ancestral animal and mythical beings, in fact all manner of natural, breathing phenomena. And yes – there are demonic and dangerous type creatures and people there too. The astral plane is neither heaven nor hell.

Naked Science is a show dedicated to the study of and workings of the universe. They discuss topics such as black holes, realistic time machines, and even discuss tools used to research the universe. If you’re interested in space news or Astronomy, you’re bound to find this show absolutely fascinating. Naked Science airs on Wednesdays at 11pm.

I can very easily accept that the astral could be a scary place for the uninitiated and those unfamiliar with it. For these reasons I think that learning a particular technique, or series of meditations might well be a very good idea. There is here on AC a content producer who I believe has written a book on this exact topic, though I cannot remember his details. Perhaps he could identify himself via my comments room.

And I suspect that this is one of the primary causes for the reduction in Church attendance in many Western counties. People are indeed changing their behavior and voting with their feet.

Do you want to become His child through baptism? Learn more about Him? Have His children speak to Him on your behalf through prayers? If you do, now is the time.

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