North Beaches Art Walk Celebration Aims To Please All The Senses

One of the most popular activities to have at any event or party where children are going to attend is face painting. This is a fun way not only to provide some unique fun for the kids but also helps them explore their creativity through choosing a specific design for their faces.

The festival can be found by taking Rt. 90 West to Northwest Highway (Route 14) west to McHenry Ave. Head North on McHenry Ave, take a right on Walk up and you will run right in to down town and the festival.

As I was standing in front of the water slides, a fellow wristband-wearing dad approached me. “I wish we had this when I was a kid,” he said. “I agree. I’m still in shock from this,” I replied, as I watched Caitlin disappear into this massive water maze.

Also selection of color is important. Choose lighter themes for your bedroom because they give a nice soothing look. However if the bedroom is capacious you can give a try to painting the wall with red or the black background. In smaller rooms the lighter colors do best. Matte paints are in vogue they do not reflect light and the viewer can easily enjoy their themes. Emulsion paints sometimes also add to decor and can be used in the passages where greater cleanliness is required. Water based paints do well at places which are out of reach of people so that they stay longer and look beautiful.

Crazy Fall Festival is being held at the Warm Springs Baptist Church on 10/30/2011 from 6 pm until 8 pm. This fall fun festival will include Trunk-or-Treat, raffles, szablony malarskie Warszawa, free games and prizes. Music will be available for all little ghouls and goblins to shake their bones. This family-friendly Halloween festival is free for all!…

For the regulars, there is yet another reason to dine at Lemon Grass, they have revamped to become very cute! The inside section as a vibrant Templates for painting (something similar to Aoi). The outside sitting looks almost the same but does have a few cosmetic tweaks.

One way to decorate your room with poetry is by framing a line or verse of a favorite poem. Using your artistic ability or your computer’s printer, you can create a paper with not only the poem on it, but small accent graphics. Simply frame the poetry in a pretty picture frame and hang it on your wall.

Results from the Paddy Dash will be posted here after the race! And check here each Monday for a highlight on another Dallas area race. For the latest in running in the Dallas community, sign up for a free subscription to the Dallas Running Examiner or follow Sara on Twitter @realityrunning.

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